Received a text message from Djanggo ?

If you have received a text message from Djanggo, it means that someone tried to send you money using our service. Congrats you can now receive your money to your bank account, withdraw it in a shop or send it to another mobile number. Djanggo only sends the standard SMS. Djanggo will NEVER ask you to send any personal information via text message and neither will your bank. Djanggo does not require registration or cumbersome process. Simply go to the login page and enjoy the smooth and straightforward login access to your account.

Instant account management

Block or unblock your card, set permissions and limits, and make other security changes directly from the app.

Realtime notifications

Get a push notification immediately after all account activity including payments, withdrawals and transfers to stay up to date.

Cash from thousand stores

Use the Djanggo wallet to withdraw cash from thousands virtual ATMs or directly to your bank account.